Terms and Conditions TRI HARD Series Netherlands

Terms and conditions of service and execution of activities by TRI HARD BV, established in; P.J. Oudweg 41 – 1314 CJ – Almere. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce with the number 73531782. From here on referred to as TRI HARD.

Terms, conditions and regulations TRI HARD


1.1. These terms and conditions use the following definitions

  1. Event: the sports events TRI ALMERE, TRI AMSTERDAM en TRI ROTTERDAM to be organized by TRI HARD B.V.
  2. Participant: the person who registered for the participation of the Event in the way assigned by the Organizer.
  3. Agreement: the agreement conducive until participation of the Participant of the Event.
  4. Organizer: the legal persons (TRI HARD) with whom the Participant entered an Agreement.
  5. Product/Service: additional products or services that are included in the Agreement when registering for an Event.
  6. Supplier: the party that supplies the additional Products or Services.

1.2. These terms and conditions apply to all Agreements.


2.1. On the day of the Event, the Participant has to meet the minimum age of that Event determined by the Organizer of 14 years old for the Sprint Distance, 16 years old for the Quarter- and Standard Distance and 18 years old for the Middle Distance.

2.2. The Participant can only participate in the Event if he filled in the correct registration form correctly and truthfully, if he paid the full registration fee no later than the Thursday before the Event, and if the Participant agreed to the terms and conditions.

2.3. Registration fees are determined based on the moment the Participant registered for the Event. Increases in price occur in multiple phases. During the first phase, that runs up to and including September 17th, 2023, the lowest price is applicable under the name early-bird. The second phase is from September 18th, 2023 up to and including December 31st, 2023, the thirt phase applicable from January 1st, 2024, until 4 weeks before the Event. The final phase ends on the Thursday before the Event. The registration closes at the end of that Thursday.

2.4. If the Participant registers before the end of the third phase, the Participant is entitled to their name on the competition number.

2.5. The Participant is allowed to modify the registration after the registration has been completed. Any possible costs related to this have to be paid by the Participant.

2.6. Modifying a licence number after the registration has been completed, is allowed. The Participant needs to do this himself in Njuko. €10.00 administrative costs are subtracted from the refunds for a day licence.


During the season 2024, the ProChip system of MyLaps is used. The use of the ChampionChip is not applicable. In case a Participant registers with his own ProChip, he is responsible for having an active subscription himself. 

When a Participant rents a chip, he is obliged to hand it in at the Bike Check-Out after the race. If the chip is not returned, a fine of €25 will be charged.


After your registration, it is possible to log in into your own registration page with the login details you received in your confirmation e-mail. If you have not done it yet, you can fill in your own licence number there. You have to do this yourself in any case. A request for a return of the fee costs €10.- administrative costs. You can request this by sending an e-mail to info@trihard.nl, after filling in the licence number in Njuko. A valid license must be shown on the day of the competition, if the Participant is unable to do so, a day license must still be purchased. 


3.1. During registration the Participant can buy a cancellation option. This option works on a “money back, no questions asked” base. The cancellation option costs €10. Only with this option the Participant can apply for a refund according to the following scheme.

– In case of cancellation up to 3 months before the event, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded
– In case of cancellation up to 1 month before the event, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded
– In case of cancellation up to 1 week before the event, 20% of the registration fee will be refunded

* In case of cancellation up to 1 week before the event, 100% of chip rental, bicycle rental, wetsuit rental, bib number belt and license costs will be refunded.

To execute the cancellation option send an email to info@trihard.nl.

3.2. Registration for a Sprint-, Quarter- or Standard Distance can be transferred to a different Event in the same calendar year for €10.-. This arrangement is valid until 7 days before the Event for which the Participant registered originally. For using this arrangement, an e-mail should be sent to info@trihard.nl. A change to the registration due to this arrangement cannot be undone.

3.3. Until 7 days before the Event, the Participant can give his registration to a person that has not registered for the Event yet. The Participant needs to arrange this himself in Njuko. This action costs €10 administrative costs. During the final 7 days before the event, transferring the registration to someone else is not possible anymore.

3.4. The arrangements mentioned in section 3.2 and 3.3 cannot be applied simultaneously.

3.5. The Organizer of the Event can cancel the Event based on a force majeure.

3.6. Cancelling the Event by the Organizer does not create any liability for compensation of the costs made by the Participant concerning the Event.

3.7. Exception to clause 3.6 is a cancelation of the Event in case of COVID by the Organizer. In that case the Participant is offered the following options:

  • Either a reimbursement of the value of the registration fee minus 10 euros administrative fees.
  • Or a free transfer to the same TRI HARD event in the next calendar year
  • Or a free transfer to an other TRI HARD event in the same calendar year

This clause is not applicable when a Participant cancels his or her individual registration, but is only valid in case of cancelation by the Organizer.


4.1. Participation is at your own risk. The Participant needs to follow the instructions of the Organizer at all times. Damage, in whichever form, as a direct result of not following these instructions is on the account of the party impacted by the damage. In case a third party suffers damage, in whichever form, as a direct result of not following these instructions by a Participant the damage impacted is on the account of the Participant.

4.2. Liability on the side of the organisation related to suffered damage can only exist when this damage is the consequence of actions or neglections by members of the Organizer or persons acting on behalf of the Organizer or persons contracted by her.

4.3. Claims towards the Organizer need to be notified to the Organizer. The Organizer withholds judgement of the claim but forwards the claim to her insurance. The insurance judges the claim with exclusion of parties and determines whether it is a case of liability and if so, to which extent. The insurance is allowed to directly contact the claiming party.

4.4. The Participant needs to be sufficiently insured against the risk of damage that he or a heir should suffer as a result of his death, injury or sickness, caused by his participation to the Event.

4.5. The Participant needs to be sufficiently insured against the risk of liability.

4.6. The Participant declares to be known with the fact that participation requires a good health, both in physical as mental meaning of the word. The Participant declares that he or she meets this demand and that he or she by training has prepared in the based way to participate in the Event.


The Participant allows the Organizer beforehand to disclose imagery and suchlike made during or around the event, on which the Participant is visible.


The personal data shared by the Participant will be saved in a database by the Organizer. By participating in an Event, the Participant allows the Organizer to use the personal data for sending information to the Participant and for providing third parties with the personal data for sending information to the Participant if this is necessary. By entering the Agreement, the Participant allows the Organizer to publish his name and results by, for example, publication in magazines and on the internet. After the race, the Participant receives a text message from the Organizer asking feedback for evaluation. Strictly necessary data of the Participant will be shared with the Dutch Triathlon Association to transfer the provisions, MyLaps Event Timing for drawing up results lists and Marathon Photos for personalizing imagery.

If a Participant decides to purchase additional Products or Services that are offered by the Organizer in the registration form, the personal data strictly necessary to deliver the product or service will be shared with the relevant Supplier.

Overview Products/Services and Suppliers:

  • Wetsuits rental: Bijvoet Sport
  • Bicycles and helmets rental: Wiel-Rent
  • Tri2One courses and clinics: Tri2One
  • Watch tags: Safe-ID

For the products not mentioned, the delivery takes place by TRI HARD and no data is shared with third parties.
The Organizer acts in line with the applicable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

SECTION 7: Start2Tri and transition clinics

7.1 During registration for the Event, the Participant can also register for an additional Service called Start2Tri or transition clinic, this service is provided by Supplier Tri2One, located in Amsterdam.

7.2 One Start2Tri is offered:

  • 22 March 2024 7.00 PM – 8.30 PM: Clinic at Tri2One in Amsterdam
  • 5 April 2024 7.00 PM – 7.45 PM: Online Clinic Start2Tri
  • 19 April 2024 7.00 PM – 8.30 PM: Clinic at Tri2One in Amsterdam
  • 3 May 2024 7.00 PM – 7.45 PM: Online Clinic Start2Tri
  • 17 May 2024 7.15 PM – 8.45 PM: Transition clinic at TRI ALMERE

7.3 Three transition clinics are offered:

  • 17 May 2024 – TRI ALMERE (Strandweg, Almere), registration deadline Wednesday 15 May 2024 23:59
  • 7 June 2024 – TRI AMSTERDAM (Parc Somerlust, Amsterdam), registration deadline Wednesday 5 June 2024 23:59
  • 21 June 2024 – TRI ROTTERDAM (Willem Alexander Baan, Zevenhuizen), registration deadline: Wednesday, June 19, 2024 11:59 PM

7.4 The Courses and clinics will be canceled if fewer than eight participants have registered before the registration deadline is reached at the relevant time. In that case, participants will be refunded the amount paid.

7.5 In the event of cancellation of the Service due to Corona by the Organizer, the Participant will be offered the following options:

  • Or refund of the value of the amount paid minus 5 euros administration costs.
  • Or free conversion to a comparable Service at a later time in the same or next calendar year


The races from TRI HARD Series Netherlands are organized under auspices of the Dutch Triathlon Association and conform to the prescribed guidelines.

  • Participants always need to follow the instructions of traffic controllers and police officers and need to be cautious for present vehicles. A participant that does not meet these criteria, will be disqualified. The Race Director and jury members are qualified to disqualify athletes.
  • Always conform to the applicable traffic rules (unless traffic controllers or police officers tell you otherwise) and understand that the course is open to visitors and traffic. The parts of the course that are closed during the event can be used by emergency services and vehicles that are used for the event. Therefore, always conform to the traffic rules. Vehicles drive on the right side.
  • The medical team of the TRI HARD Series is entitled to take athletes out of the race if they do not think continuation is responsible.
  • It is not allowed for participants to use performance-enhancing drugs, drugs that suppress the feeling of fatigue or any other forbidden substances. Doping tests will be performed. A positive test means disqualification.
  • We ask all participants to behave properly and to treat other participants, event crew and volunteers respectfully. Violations of this rule (before, during or after the event) can lead to disqualification.
  • Throwing away trash is only allowed in trash zones. The trash zones are placed around the care stations and are clearly indicated. A participant that throws away trash outside the trash zones will be disqualified.
  • When a participant chooses to step out of the race, he/she needs to inform the jury as fast as possible. If this is not met and a search for the participant is started, the costs will be for the participant if he/she is located at home or in a hotel/accommodation.
  • The organization of TRI HARD BV is entitled to change the rules, course and locations at any time. However, the participants need to be informed before the start of the race, unless the change pertains to the safety of the athletes.
  • Wearing headphones or earplugs is not allowed during the swim, bike and run.
  • Participants of the TRI HARD Series are not allowed to use the bike- and run course bare-chested.
  • Every participant needs to make himself familiar with the course. It is their responsibility to follow the right route (except for the instructions of traffic controllers, police officers and the organization).
  • TRI HARD BV is entitled to – if the weather conditions demand it – give the race the Duathlon status, to keep the participants safe. In this case, no (partial) refunds will be done. If the weather conditions are not safe for participants at a duathlon, TRI HARD BV can cancel the complete event. In case of cancellation, no refunds of registration fees will be done.
  • The delivered competition numbers need to be visible during the complete bike- and run event.
  • Athletes need to sign up at the assigned times (see participants information) and address the participants briefing. All participants (individual as well as relay) need to deliver their bicycles at the assigned time. No exceptions will be made. The organization is entitled to disqualify athletes that do not conform to this rule.


  • A participant needs to have the swimming cap that was obtained at the registration. This needs to be worn at all times when the participant is in the water. This also applies to the warming-up.
  • Adjustments to the swimming discipline will be communicated during the participants briefing based on the weather conditions, water temperature and adjustments to the swimming distance.
  • Flippers, paddles, snorkels and any floatation devices are forbidden.
  • Goggles are allowed.
  • If a participant gets help from during the swim (e.g. by a canoer or lifeguards) this could lead to disqualification.
  • The organization of the event is entitled to move the swim course, shorten the swim or cancel the swim when the weather or water conditions demand it.
  • When a cut-off time in the participants information is presented, the organization is entitled to take out participants from the race when the swim is not completed, yet.


  • Using a slipstream is not allowed. The ‘slipstream zone’ is a 12-meter long rectangle of 3 meters wide (one and a half meter on both sides of the front wheel) between the front of the front cyclist and the cyclist behind him. Overtaking (passing the full ‘slipstream zone’) needs to be done in 20 seconds. Next to that, the athlete that was overtaken needs to be out of the ‘slipstream zone’ within 5 seconds.
  • The competition numbers cannot be downsized or adjusted in any way. The number needs to be worn on the back during biking.
  • Wearing a safe cycling helmet is obligated.
  • The cycling helmet needs to be attached with the chin strap before the bike can be taken out of the rack. The chin strap can only be detached if the bike is back in the rack after the bike discipline.
  • Individual guidance is not allowed. The bike course is closed for support vehicles. A participant cannot seek or accept help from spectators, escorts or others, except for the official technical support of the organization or within the coach posts.
  • A participant is responsible himself for the state and reparation of the bike. The bike needs to be maintained properly and be ready to ride at the start of the event. The participant needs to be prepared and able to do necessary reparations himself, accepting help with this can lead to disqualification. With this, working with spare wheels or spare bikes is ruled out. When checking in the bike, a basic technical check will be done. Only the bikes that meet the criteria will be allowed into the transition zone. The helmet needs to be checked in simultaneously and can only leave the transition zone during and after the race.
  • Cyclists are expected to follow the instructions of all race officials and authorities. It is allowed to walk with the bike if this is necessary.
  • Participants need to keep right on the course as much as possible. Overtaking needs to be done on the left side.
  • The penalty for using a slipstream, riding dangerously and unsportsmanlike conduct will be determined by the jury and can lead to disqualification.
  • When a cut-off time in the participants information is presented, the organization is entitled to take out participants from the race when the bike discipline is not completed, yet.
  • The organization of the event is entitled to move the bike course or shorten it when the weather or course conditions demand it.


  • The competition numbers cannot be downsized or adjusted in any way. The number needs to be on the front of the body during the run.
  • Participants need to run as much to the right as possible to make passing on the left possible.
  • Individual guidance on the course (non-participating runners, cyclists or other vehicles) is not allowed. Accepting food or other attributes is not allowed outside the coach posts and can lead to disqualification.
  • When a cut-off time in the participants information is presented, the organization is entitled to take out participants from the race when the run discipline is not completed, yet.
  • The organization of the event is entitled to move the run course or shorten it when the weather or course conditions demand it.
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