INFINIT Nutrition Europe’s Journey as a Nutritional Partner for TRI AMSTERDAM

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Dit jaar is INFINIT de Nutrition Partner van TRI AMSTERDAM. Onderstaand artikel is geschreven voor INFINIT, zodat je kennis kunt maken met het van oorsprong Amerikaanse bedrijf. En minsten zo prettig: een mooie korting van maar liefst 25 procent voor TRI AMSTERDAM deelnemers! Het artikel – in het engels – is hieronder te lezen:

With a legacy firmly rooted in the United States, where we have been revolutionizing the way
athletes fuel their performance for over a decade, our expansion to Europe marks an exciting
chapter in our journey.

INFINIT Nutrition was founded by endurance athlete Michael Folan in 2004. As a triathlete,
Folan experienced firsthand the challenges of finding a nutrition solution that catered to his
unique needs and allowed him to perform at his best. Frustrated by the limitations of off-the-
shelf products, he set out to create something truly innovative – a customizable, all-in-one
nutrition system that would provide athletes with precisely what they needed, in the exact ratios
and flavors they desired.

Now, we are proud to introduce INFINIT Nutrition to Europe, making our exceptional products and personalized approach available to athletes on the European continent. Our expansion is driven by our commitment to providing athletes with the highest quality, complete nutrition solutions that eliminate the
need for any gels, bars or even food. As a family business, our passion lies in supporting athletes’ performance by providing them with the highest quality sport nutrition fuel with the opportunity for customization if necessary. We understand that every athlete is unique, and their nutritional needs vary. With this understanding, we take pride in developing personalized formulas that
cater to the specific demands of each individual athlete, giving them the fuel, they need to excel.
One size does not fit all when it comes to sports nutrition. Athletes have different goals, body compositions, and nutritional requirements. This is where our strength lies. We work closely with athletes, understanding their needs, goals, and preferences, to create tailor-made nutrition solutions that optimize their performance. Whether it’s endurance, recovery, or hydration, our formulas are designed to fuel success. Becoming the official nutritional partner for TRI AMSTERDAM is an honor and a testament to the trust athletes place in our products. TRI AMSTERDAM, known for its prestigious triathlon event,
draws athletes from all over the world who seek to test their limits in the ultimate test of endurance. With our partnership, we aim to provide participants with a competitive edge, supporting them throughout their journey and helping them achieve their personal best.

“The partnership with TRIAmsterdam signifies a deep commitment to the triathlon community and the
endurance sports world. We are excited to be part of this incredible event, surrounded by passionate
athletes, dedicated supporters, and a vibrant atmosphere. TRI AMSTERDAM embodies the spirit of
determination, perseverance, and camaraderie, which aligns perfectly with our core values.
Together, with TRI AMSTERDAM, we look forward to creating unforgettable moments and helping athletes reach new heights of triumph and accomplishment,” says Jan Pokorny, INFINIT Nutrition Europe CEO.

For more information about INFINIT brand please visit:
TRIAmsterdam athletes have also the opportunity to try INFINIT Fuels with a one-time discount
of 25%. Upon checkout, please use code: TRIAMSTERDAM23

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